Professional Male Dom who is eager to fulfill your deepest desires for Women and Couples


Allow yourself to tempt and tease your mind and body for a moment.

Open your mind, and take a step into my world...

A world where you give up control as I lead you on a journey - a journey where you will learn about the deeper side of you... driven by your desires... your fantasies... your untapped being... THE REAL YOU.

When I take you in my domain, you’ll feel energy, excitement and a range of emotions. Your imagination will be stirred and stretched with new ideas. I will delve into your thoughts and pick them apart one piece at a time.

You will find my voice and softer touch your calming guide.

It is a journey you will embark on with me, where I take you to delightful heights in mind and body - perhaps one or many you've never experienced before.

You may be restrained, disciplined, stimulated by strengthened senses, or whatever suits our mood situation. It doesn't matter. They are simply activities used to reach our destination.

Your destination is self-discovery.

On this journey you have permission to surrender in my presence… letting go to experiences like never before... with the intensity, emotional reach and soul searching substance that will arouse and make you crave more.

Your time with me, your Dominant will be about connection and ebb and flow in the shadow of my sadistic pleasure. It is playful, yet serious. It is a dance of deviousness and expression. It is art.

In the same light, it will be relieving and satisfyingly therapeutic. It is acceptance - your uninhibited acceptance of who you are, your urges, and what you desire deeper down. It will change you, and make you grow.

Your fantasy may be that with a Daddy, Boss, Captor, Commander, Torturer, Executioner, or Devilishly Handsome Gentleman... and in my presence you may bring that to flesh.

I am your night teacher, love preacher, pain giver, joy seeker, toy bearer, pleasure maker, fear creator, care taker, and more.


I will be your image of authority, and I will put you in your place as needed.

I will push you, challenge you, punish you, praise you, and allow you to please me as I desire.


At my hand, you will learn that I am real... a real Dominant... a real sadist... and master of many arts.

I am your alternate world where you will find sanctuary... where you will come to call home.


Now step into my sacred space.


Double your domination experience with me and one of my trusted Dommes, whether the Domme or i direct the session, you will feel twice the control from two Dommes.


This play is ideal for the enthusiast individual or couple who seek a more sophisticated kink experience. These sessions are hosted at my private apartment or i  can hire a dungeon based in Baker street central london. click here to view mistress Nicole's website. 


Surrender to me for a display of my kinky dominance over your partner. Come discover why i am widely known as the best in the business for my control over a man or women's body.


Come see your partner feel pain and pleasure in my hand and watch your partner connecting with and being appropriated by a dominant.


Truly a experience for you and your partner to expand expand your horizons and keep memories for both of you to reflect on in future day to come.


we are lokking for someone who truly gets off on watching or going down on a hot couple, before during and after serving a real stunning interracial couple, a true submissive cuckold type to sensually dominate.

We host for incalls with at least 24hours advanced notice, we also provide outcalls to hotels or place of residence in and around london. We require a £100 deposit for out-calls.











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